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An initiative of Excelpot Catalyzer Pvt. Ltd., Airavat Solar is a community-focused brand dedicated to producing and distributing solar products. The primary goal of Airavat Solar is to empower communities by providing them with the means to harness solar energy and become self-sufficient in terms of energy access and reliability.

Airavat Solar aims to enable individuals and various factions of society to generate their own electricity, reducing their dependence on traditional power sources and improving their overall energy independence. The distributed energy approach fosters self-reliance and reduces the need for long-distance transmission of electricity, which can be inefficient and prone to disruptions. Solar products such as solar panels, solar lanterns, solar home systems, and other related devices are designed and distributed to enable individuals and communities to tap into the abundant solar resource and meet their energy needs sustainably.

We at Airavat Solar believe that the widespread use of flexible and portable solar products demonstrates a commitment to improving the lives of people by providing sustainable alternatives to polluting fuels for lighting purposes. By enabling access to clean and reliable solar energy, Airavat aims to create a significant positive impact, particularly in areas with no electricity supply or unreliable utility grids.


To build a robust and sustainable growth-oriented community by catalyzing the holistic integration of individual, societal, and institutional imperatives.


  • Contribute towards energy transition to safeguard ecological interests with customer-centricity
  • Sustainable growth with a focus on community well-being and market leadership
  • Product Excellence by efficient and effective operational brilliance
  • Cultivate a collaborative approach with stakeholders to achieve shared goals with superior standards of quality.


Airavat recognizes that a strong and sustainable community is crucial for the widespread adoption of distributed solar products. The company believes in taking a holistic approach, considering personal, family, societal, and business aspects to build a robust community. Airavat undertakes various initiatives to empower and educate its community partners, enabling them to understand the benefits of solar energy and its contributions to the economy and society. These initiatives include training programs that cover a wide range of topics, such as new technologies in the solar sector, building and sustaining a business and promoting physical and mental well-being.

By offering these training programs, Airavat aims to equip its community partners with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the solar industry and contribute to the growth of their communities. The company believes in sharing expertise and fostering collaboration, enabling community members to actively participate in the transition to clean energy. Through its commitment to community-building, Airavat strives to create a supportive and interconnected network that fosters the widespread adoption of distributed solar products. By empowering community members, promoting knowledge sharing, and encouraging active participation, Airavat aims to create a sustainable future for all.


Airavat Solar is committed to upholding a set of core values that shape its mission-driven approach to work. These values serve as guiding principles for the organization, guiding its impact on society at large and the communities it operates.