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Dealer Training

Airavat values diversity and recognizes that its partner base comprises individuals with varying demographics, education levels, backgrounds, and locations. The company understands the importance of catering to the unique needs and aspirations of its partners. To address this diversity, Airavat has developed an onboarding program that is specifically customized to suit individual participants by tailored programmes, to build skills and knowledge required to thrive in the solar domain regardless of their prior experience, ensuring that each partner receives the necessary support, education, and resources aligned with their background and aspirations. A key feature of Airavat’s inclusive partner program is its flexibility, which allows partners to choose their areas of focus based on their interest, enabling individuals to lead their lives on their own terms and maintain a balanced approach while working towards their goals. It empowers partners to embrace their individual strengths, pursue their interests, and achieve their goals in the solar industry and promotes diversity but also encourages a sense of ownership and fulfillment among the partners.


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