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Airavat Solar is a community enabling distributed energy brand of Excelpot Catalyzer Pvt. Ltd. Airavat Solar produces and distributes solar products that enable communities to harness solar energy to be self-dependent by solving energy access and reliability issues.

We at Airavat Solar believe that the widespread use of flexible and portable solar products will have a positive impact on the lives of people by reducing the use of polluting fuels for light. We are witnessing that distributed solar is having a maximum impact in places with no electricity supply or with unreliable utility grids.We enable children to study in the evening, women to get light to cook and engage in productive activities, use of laptop and TV increases productivity and relaxation.

Here is no electricity access. Small shops that were getting closed at sundown extend their working hours. At Airavat we consistently create durable value for common people by promoting sustainable products and processes. We have created a unique, well-knit network of entrepreneurs to which we are continuously adding members. We are directly aligned with SDG7 and also indirectly aligned with SDG3, SDG4, SDG13, and SDG17.

Priority of The Company is The Struggle for Ecology
Time to Harness Wind,
Water & Sun
We love clean energy, the Renewable energy

Building Community

At the core of our strategy lies the strength of the community that we build and work in, with, and for. We believe that building a robust and sustainable community will enable the widespread adoption of distributed solar products. Our community is expanding rapidly. We take a holistic view of and approach to our community members by integrating personal, family, society, business, and other aspects.

To build the strength of the community, Airavat undertakes various initiatives e.g. training programs for our community partners on different aspects of solar energy and its contribution to different aspects of economy and society, new technologies in solar and other sectors that benefit communities, building a business from scratch, sustaining a business on long term, taking care of body and mind and other topics.

Airavat also encourages participation in different community events. Our partners have been actively participating and contributing to it.

Our partners

Our partner base is diverse in terms of demographics, education, background, location, etc. Some of our partners are new to starting a business while others had been running their business but are new to the solar domain.

There are different levels of partners that are aligned with the background and aspiration level of participants. Our on-boarding program is tailored to suit diverse participants in a customized manner.

One of the strong feature of our partner program is the flexibility that it offers to choose to focus on their different interests. It helps anyone who is interested in becoming our partners to live their life on their terms and in a balanced manner while achieving the goals that they set for themselves.

Do you want to partner with us? Our partners have the following strengths of character.

  1. They want to be self-dependent and gain social respect.
  2. They want to enrich their own lives and those around them.

If you are someone who wants to build your life get in touch with us. Send us a WhatsApp message in [number